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The Johnsons – meeting a challenge, and seizing an opportunity

Serving on the Global Resource Team with Cru City

Today, the American Church faces a new challenge and a unique opportunity.


The hostility of society towards Christianity.

Functioning in a hostile society is not new to the global or historic church, but it is new to the American Church. This new setting calls for new approaches in order for the Kingdom of God to continue to advance.


The confluence of globalization and the maturity of the global church.

God has used generations of faithful missionaries and senders to spread the Good News of Jesus around His world. The global Church is mature, and today, Globalization provides unprecedented access to our brothers and sisters around the world.


God does not find this challenge paralyzing or this opportunity daunting, and He has wired and equipped us to dive into the work of meeting this challenge and seizing this opportunity.



Cru City serves average, ordinary followers of Jesus in order to activate and mobilize them to make Him known in their spheres of influence and to be agents of His redemption.


Cru City partners with followers of Jesus around the world to resource and equip them to advance the heart and mission of Jesus in their spheres of influence—and beyond.

Would you join us as we serve ordinary follower of Jesus to mobilize them to meet the challenge of a hostile society, and to partner with the nations in order to fulfill the Great Commission?


We would love to chat with you about this work, share stories of what God is doing, and explain our roles within Cru City.

You can contact Jeff here.